Thursday, January 16, 2014


2014 - Year of the Horse. These cards are made for my friends. I wish them a bountiful year, filled with the strength of the horse and the alertness that will keep them going strong and healthy..

This last card here is a project for my daughter. 

Her English teacher told each girl in the class to make a Chinese New Year card and of course my daughter who has no artistic talents came to me, begging me to help her. I did in return for a bar of milk chocolate which I have yet to receive. Ha Ha Ha.  I have recycled some products and added new ones too. The fish are cut from an angpau packet. 


Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today a certain funny bug bit me and I got down to doing two cards. I have no reasons to do the cards but simply obsessed with just the thought of making beautiful cards. These two cards are done with no thoughts of whom I would want to give to or for what occasions they are for. But the joy of just doing them, putting the whole thing together was therapeutic after a hectic day in school and running about sending the girls for tuition here and there while at the same time seeing to my parents's little needs. Both my mum (80) and dad (86, who is half paralyzed) stay with me.  At the end of the day when everyone is settled down doing her own work and my mum and dad snoozing away for the night I could go to my little corner, take out my tools and papers and lose myself to the own world of beauty. 

I learn to make the roses through the internet and making them were simply fun. The very next day, I got my punched flowers and glue gun to school to show my two good friends the way to do these roses. Ms. Foong YK is into quilling and she does quite a bit of it. However Ms Foong YK is a busy lady, a very, very dedicated teacher so her time to indulge in such beautiful endeavors is limited but her handiwork is a joy to see as they fine and simple. Ms Yeow is interested in everything. She has a mind for beauty so whatever that is shared with her, she would try them out. She is a joy with share things with and she can go as crazy as me. Yeah, my two bestest best friend in school. In fact I have many bestest best friend and they are categorized into different areas for example my bestest best friend for travelling and for eating and for gossiping. Ha Ha Ha. No, just kidding, no gossiping. No good. Anyway here are my two cards.



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas Cards as gifts - 2012

Hi everyone, the other day I posted the Chinese New Year cards and now I am putting up the Christmas cards. Sorry friends, I somehow have forgotten that I took some photos of the simple cards that I made. Now that I saw them still in my camera, I thought I would just share them with you. 

I made them as gifts for my neighbour. Yeap, you can made any cards as gifts for someone but remember to  leave them empty so that the receiver will be ale to write whatever he or she wants. I enjoyed doing the cards because they really dig into my creativeness. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year card personalized

These two Chinese New Year cards were given to two very special friends. I have bought the cards and then personalized them. When one personalizes a  card, it changes the whole set up of a card and the message conveyed. I had a wonderful time making the dolls and decorating them. 

You know what, I found out that although I may know how to make the dolls as I have done so many of them but if that day my mood is poor or I am feeling awfully tired, the dolls won't look beautiful. The 'cloth' might be wrongly chosen to go with the hairdo or the posture of the doll not graceful. Even the beads might not be picked rightly and the doll will come out reflecting your awful mood. 

Dolls appeal to me a lot. These are paper dolls. In my other blog: www., you will see dolls made from flour. They are small : Chibi dolls. 

The paper dolls are kirigami dolls, part folding, part cutting and paste. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thank-you cards

These are Thank-you cards I sent to my students' parents, congratulating and thanking them for allowing their children to be with me for a national competition held in Putrajaya on the 4th October, 2011.

Apart from having good students, I believe that parents must be appreciated too as they trust us with their children. In today's world, it is a great effort to gain the trust of parents and I have no issues with this as I too am a parent and can be paranoid at times. So I have decided to make each family a card and thank the parents.

Below is a orignally meant for 'Congratulation' but I have sinced removed the label and instead made it into a Thank-you card for another parent who is living in Kuala Lumpur. Really appreciated him and his family's hospitality and I believe that in no way we could repay their kindness and generosity. But I wish to bless this family with joyu, contentment and good health.